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I had a huge issue a while back with the syncing which caused me to use chrome more than edge. I love Microsoft products and continue to use them because they’re my absolute go to… Unless they abandon ship and then I have no choice. (Previous windows phone user 👀💙) Anyways I love the new edge and I hope to see more people use it because it truly is a great browser! This web browser is probably the most innovative and creative web browser out there I use it on my computer and my iPad and it’s great it honestly is it has a built in bar code reader and camera search for cameras, it has rewards for when you search, it’s simple and sleek design looks great and its fast top aso companies and reliable with searching! I Highly recommend this app/web browser because this truly is a piece of artI have had a computer since 1956Before Microsoft existed…. & I admire both Apple & Microsoft… now both offer only a 747 that has 300plus & and more 100sOf opinions. … that few users need…. NOW confuse & confuses…Updates that anges seen & unseen,,, my. Yours .,,’Requires & confusing U & meWaste of our time & costs $requires ore time spaceLike buy bigger new…..Slavery to IT now exists for updates…. I want one seat on Microsoft … NOT needing me toJumping up or down thru 1000That. Are hiding in the closets

A Simple Guide to App store optimization — ASO Basics in Play Store

MISS—- Make It Simple … OKHarvey says. PleaseThe application is so reliable it’s incredible. Thank you so much for adding chromium to the browser. Web pages load in less than a second and I have no stuttering while scrolling through web pages. Also, I give it a 10 for haptic feedback. I would like to see them work with Apple to support a “default apps” section for iOS. That would be amazing. I’d also like to see Apple Pay, but I guess that’s up to Apple.I have always used Microsoft Windows on my computers and it has, for as long as I can remember, given me the option to use Edge-formerly known as IE app search optimization company. In all these years I remained faithful to my Google! I’m a very loyal person. This is just who I am. I have recently ventured into employment that requires higher capabilities than my basic pc, so I upgraded. While going through the motions of backup (old pc) and setup (new pc), I was had some issues with Google, on which I have relied my entire internet life. It was then I decided to make the switch. My husband told me that Edge was made for Windows, so that’s how I decided where to go.

The switch has been extremely pleasant and simple. I love all of the new options! I have setup a family where I can monitor my sons tablet. I love that. Everything has “for Dummies” step-by-step instructions. Everything comes with tutorials. I’m still discovering things and I am one completely satisfied customer! Thank you! I hope the experience continues to go this great. I lost a lot of important files when downloading and backing up Google Drive and Photos. The files were format converted to something I cannot revert. My children’s entire lives were in there. It’s the only remaining access I have.