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I wanted an app that would keep my life events organized and stored safely. Diaro meets my requirements with its folders that you name and with its ability to sync across devices. It even has a Dropbox backup feature. The PDF export feature lets you have a hard copy of your information.I had a question for support and they responded quickly, which I like. It appears that the developers are responsive to requests from users who want new features buy review for app store.

 I upgraded to Pro right away to get the sync features which is great because I use an iPad and iPhones that all can be used to access and enter data. I have had no issues with the app. I installed it on my devices and it has worked fine. The learning curve was easy and intuitive.I track my blood pressure, for example and can enter several entries per day, associate the readings with medication and habits. I use a folder I call Wellness to keep such data. I use a medical folder for doctor visits, medication doses and history.

 I live on a sailboat and use Diaro to keep track of things I do like ordering parts, repairs items and maintenance.I use a family folder to keep information about relatives, events related to family and my thoughts.If you want to record information like this and keep it safe, Diaro is superb.

First of all, I have journaled off & on all my life. In a diary as a kid, notebooks & composition books as I got older & then LiveJournal for many years. I haven’t had luck getting back in to LJ. Just not a good app for it. I’ve tried several other journal apps & I chose 2 to check out. This one & another one (can’t remember the name) that was simple but unable to be personalized. Similar to my favorite of all time, LiveJournal, the other one can share your thoughts or chosen journal entries anonymously (or not) with others who felt the same as you that day, etc. I loved the concept of sharing my entries with others if I opted to

 I love this journal best at this time because of the different ways you can personalize it. The setup works for me perfectly. I would consider the upgrade IF I had the one feature that the other did. To be able to share your thoughts or chosen journal entries with others. It wouldn’t be something that any given person would have to participate in, just if they wanted to. Kind of like the option to change into a PDF so you can print it. Anyway, just my thoughts. Great journal!! I have given it a real chance before writing this review. Again, I do love the app & hope you might consider including the option to share with others. Im going to stick with this one UNLESS I find one identical to this one with that specific feature. 😜