Facts about App store optimization!

App store optimization is a process that increases app visibility. The visibility of the application increases in the app stores. The most used app stores are the google play store for android users and the app store for IOS users. App store optimization depends on many factors, like click-through rate, app icon, app title, app sub-title, App screenshots, and App rating. More app developers can tweak these factors more they will get visibility, and these factors increase the chances of the application getting installed. 

Why is app store optimization crucial? 

One of the significant challenges which app developers face is that reaching their target audience. As there are more than 2 million applications available on the major app store platforms and 67% of the maximum app downloads happen on these major app store platform. These platforms are the best place to discover the new application. However, these are only possible when the app store is optimized correctly. If it is not optimized, you are likely to lose hundreds and thousands of potential downloads. But, today, there are many app stores optimizing organizations to whom you can reach out. These organizations work on your application on a daily basis to optimize fundamental factors and generate more organic downloads. 

So you are an app developer and believe that your application has potential, but you are facing a hard time reaching out to potential customers. Invest in a program provided by the app store optimizing companies, and be rest assured that this investment will benefit you. Now, let us look at some of the benefits of the app store optimizing company.

App store optimization company


  • Organic install at lower cost

App store optimization company in India and outside India offers packages at very reasonable prices, increasing your app ranking. Your application will be visible to the targeted audience, and that will bring in more app downloads. 

  • Getting more loyal and relevant users. 

Trying to use the exact keywords used by your targeted audience for searching the application is one of the best ASO strategies. ASO improves the subtitle the description of the application in such a way that it contributes a lot to the app ranking higher in-app store. Having your application used by the relevant user will fetch you a better rating on the app store and constructive feedback. 

  • Enhance revenue collection and bring more stability.

Along with ASO, if you monetize your application a little bit ( with ads, in-app purchase and subscription), it will bring you increased revenue as ASO provides lots of additional downloads. Having a financial back up is always good as it will provide stable growth to the application in future. 

ASO is a crucial part of 21st-century marketing strategy, and many times marketers and app developers overlook this part. So if you are an app developer or are running your own business and want to launch an app, make sure you invest in ASO. All the big data companies are already following these strategies, and it is benefiting them. Be rest assured that it will help you too. Today there are numerous app store optimization company in India and outside India, so make sure you reach out to them whenever required. 

Use Networking To Grow Your App!


Networking refers to the process by which an individual uses his contacts to gain leverage on certain issues. For example, if you work in the IT industry and need help regarding taxation and such - you contact a friend in your network who works in that domain. Most of this and other stuff happen on Linkedin. How is this relevant to your interest? Well, you are not reading this just for fun! You are here because some website gave you the tip - using app store optimization Linkedin to grow your app. Don’t worry, we will get to it soon!

How do you do it?

Although app store optimization Linkedin might sound like a hefty term, it means using the app store optimization opportunities on Linkedin. There are two options available - learn app store optimization yourself and make some trial runs to determine what is working in favor.  The alternate option here would be to delegate the task of marketing to app store optimization companies on Linkedin. The second option is considered to be the better option because if someone is good at something, they should focus on so. To exemplify it, we can say that if someone is good at making apps then inculcating the needs of marketing and the how-to do’s of it might be a cumbersome task.

How do they do it?

The app store optimization Linkedin process, if delegated to a company that specializes in such an area, they will undertake the following steps to help your app grow:


  • Suitable keyword implementation: People perform searches on the App Store or Google Play Store using keywords. Let’s say someone searches for ‘recipe app’, then the app market will show apps that dominate in the space of giving recipes and cooking instructions. Thus, these companies find out what keywords have a huge search volume and what keywords are relevant to your app. When the search is complete - these keywords are implemented in every place that is appropriate like the app description, title, short description, metadata, etc.


  • App Ranking: Every app has some categories in which it can rank higher. If we take the example given in the previous pointer - the recipe app can rank better in the category of ‘food-making’ apps and so much more. Thus, by ranking higher in different categories the app can create a place for itself. 


  • Feedback: When you avail of app store optimization linkiden, the company that is providing you such service will always have a feedback loop ready with their sophisticated tools. The feedback loop ensures that you get enough data at frequent intervals to make any kind of decision, like app ranking data, install numbers, etc.



Nevertheless, you should always try to optimize the app as much as you can. At the heart of your app is its service, and you should never make any compromises on that, whatever happens. Using app store optimization Linkedin can be a path of support, but it should never become the lifeline of your app!

Tricks to attain more number of installs of your app

I am in competition with nobody , I run my very own race. Well, this is often the word of wise people. But app business doesn't allow your wisdom, very proportionately. The routine that the app business and its fiercest strategies uphold everyday, is unquestionably getting to dump you, if anyhow, you miss being foolish enough to handle this breath resisting competition. Running short on philosophy, there are almost 1.5 million apps within the google playstore and almost a 1.3 million apps within the App Store optimization service. which may be the population of any highly developing continent. So, it's easily made out that, finding an interesting place amongst these millions may be a tough job.
So all the recent app developers expecting a hit during this business, here are a couple of tricks, you would possibly accommodate or adopt together with your own very policies to occupy a permanent position within the app stores.


The theory of App Store Optimisation (ASO)-
So, this rarely hard abbreviation basically determines app visibility. So, a better rank of ASO will allow users a simple access to your app. ASO basically is suffering from a couple of factors as positive reviews, an exquisite number of app downloads by app publishers , eminent positions for Impressive key words within the title, regional access and updated surveys over the amount of users, and a powerful number of app starts to supply an identifiable ranking to the apps.



App icon- the visual hero.
It is quite mandatory that the app developer creates a very enticing app icon, that, creates a really important visual impression upon the users. So, the app icon must be an unusual recognisable feast to the eyes of the user while scrolling down the App Store. It must be a transparent representation of the app content and concept. Simple app icon is usually appreciated.


The advertising guru- Social media.
Well, social media advertising is analogous besides being attitudinally complicated. It shall clearly uphold the App and its related contents. Wise choice of the social media platforms and a sensible angle of advertising is predicted of the app developers. Platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube might surely aid. Well, excite your fans to an immediate engagement together with your app through the social media platforms.


Offline Advertising is a further messiah.
The ad agencies might add on to your expenses but they're a sure shot to an ideal app advertising. Well, there are variety of ad agencies in Bangalore.
The top advertising app store optimization agencies in Bangalore to call a couple of includes sparkles app store optimization agency, beehive communication pvt.ltd., pink lemonade-creative advertising agency . but is included Vistas Ad Media-Web designing, Digital Marketing, SEO amongst the simplest advertising agencies in Bangalore. Perhaps, Bangalore may be a web hub of the country holding the highest ad agencies. So, definitely, readymade help within the advertising field is out there during this a part of the Silicon Valley of India.


Name and proper description-the mane.
Surely, an attractive name, but simple and short, clearly upholding the most contents of the app is predicted of smart app developers. There must be slightly of uniqueness, but no copyright. Keep the character limit within 30.


Screenshots save the scene.
Collection of photos videos and therefore the most appropriate screenshots save the sport . The features of your best app store optimization must clearly be depicted by the pictures and therefore the screenshots. Well, suggested the foremost is, don’t let your users work their brains while analysing your app. Do the greater a part of that within the presentation arena.


Offline marketing.
Undoubtedly, the Suri attempt to guaranteed services are once that are self checked and verified. Well the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore holds an outsized number of ad agencies. These advertising agencies provide for correct exposure and marketing for your app. Further the social media agencies of Bangalore also present your app to potent clients for appropriate reviews. These reviews provided by the social media agencies of Bangalore and therefore the social media marketing agencies of Bangalore provide the required exposure for correct advertising of your app.


So, it's well sorted that there must be proper implementation of a couple of tricks besides some mandatory rules into your app business to get a correct position of your app within the app stores.

7 Things to Consider When Making iOS and Android Apps

Apps are everywhere and for everything. The early 2010s saw an outburst of apps in both Android and iOS app store, Prior to it, you had some 5-6 apps for a task but today the situation has been completely altered. If you search for an app today, you will find around 20 more apps for that specific task. With so much options to choose from, how can you decide which one is for you and which is not meant to be considered. It can be a bit confusing and let’s face it. Nobody has the time and patience to try each and every app before finally deciding on one buy app ratings. 

To help you out, we will list down 7 Things to Consider When Making iOS and Android Apps. 

  1. User Interface: UI is probably the most vital thing to look out for while selecting an app. Will you like an app if it is complex to use? Let’s rephrase it a little. A neat and easy interface or a tough to follow interface. Which one will you prefer to use? An easy to app obviously. Imagine you need to roam around the Instagram for looking for an option to post a photo. Sounds lame right? While selecting an app, always look for the apps which have an easy to use UI. Look for the screenshots and try to figure out if the interface is friendly enough for you. If not, move on. 
  2. Design: Every one prefers an app which looks good and feels premium. If you look into insights, you will discover that an app with a good logo and a good overall design has more downloads than an app without one. This is true in many levels. Design makes the app look more approachable and thus should be considered while selecting an app. 
  3. Core Feature: While focussing on the UI and the design, don’t forget why you started the app hunt in the first place. Make sure you read the app specifications and ensure that it is offering the things that you were looking for. Also, read the reviews to get to know if the app is really worth it. 
  4. In-app purchases: Many apps have this feature called in-app purchases. Basically, you can use some of the app features and for the other feature, you need to buy it. This can be a real shocker if you are using an app for some time.  If you will look around, you will get all the features that you are looking for basically without paying a single buck buy reviews on google
  5. Ads: Ads can be annoying, especially when you are in the middle of something important. Imagine editing an important document that you have to mail in 10 minutes to mail it to your boss and in the middle of it. Boom. You get an advertisement asking you to write an app review before you can resume your work again. Irritating right? To avoid such situations, make sure that the app you use is free of in-app advertisements. 
  6. Stability: Whether iOS or Android, apps can get unstable. This may be due to a number of factors. Before downloading an app, make sure it matches with your phone’s specifications and there are no redundancies. Else, it can be a problem later on. 
  7. Bugs: Always be careful of apps with bugs in it. Especially if it is a paid app. If not, you will be wasting your money and time. Always read the user reviews and also go through app review websites before you use an app.  

Top App Store Optimisation Companies Secrets

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A Simple Guide to App store optimization — ASO Basics in Play Store

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