Use Networking To Grow Your App!


Networking refers to the process by which an individual uses his contacts to gain leverage on certain issues. For example, if you work in the IT industry and need help regarding taxation and such – you contact a friend in your network who works in that domain. Most of this and other stuff happen on Linkedin. How is this relevant to your interest? Well, you are not reading this just for fun! You are here because some website gave you the tip – using app store optimization Linkedin to grow your app. Don’t worry, we will get to it soon!

How do you do it?

Although app store optimization Linkedin might sound like a hefty term, it means using the app store optimization opportunities on Linkedin. There are two options available – learn app store optimization yourself and make some trial runs to determine what is working in favor.  The alternate option here would be to delegate the task of marketing to app store optimization companies on Linkedin. The second option is considered to be the better option because if someone is good at something, they should focus on so. To exemplify it, we can say that if someone is good at making apps then inculcating the needs of marketing and the how-to do’s of it might be a cumbersome task.

How do they do it?

The app store optimization Linkedin process, if delegated to a company that specializes in such an area, they will undertake the following steps to help your app grow:


  • Suitable keyword implementation: People perform searches on the App Store or Google Play Store using keywords. Let’s say someone searches for ‘recipe app’, then the app market will show apps that dominate in the space of giving recipes and cooking instructions. Thus, these companies find out what keywords have a huge search volume and what keywords are relevant to your app. When the search is complete – these keywords are implemented in every place that is appropriate like the app description, title, short description, metadata, etc.


  • App Ranking: Every app has some categories in which it can rank higher. If we take the example given in the previous pointer – the recipe app can rank better in the category of ‘food-making’ apps and so much more. Thus, by ranking higher in different categories the app can create a place for itself. 


  • Feedback: When you avail of app store optimization linkiden, the company that is providing you such service will always have a feedback loop ready with their sophisticated tools. The feedback loop ensures that you get enough data at frequent intervals to make any kind of decision, like app ranking data, install numbers, etc.



Nevertheless, you should always try to optimize the app as much as you can. At the heart of your app is its service, and you should never make any compromises on that, whatever happens. Using app store optimization Linkedin can be a path of support, but it should never become the lifeline of your app!