David Beckham To Join AC Milan – Scandalous Decision?

We have seen how the career of David Beckham blossomed from his debut at Manchester United at the age of 17 to his now tired club appearances for LA Galaxy. For all our misgivings about Beckham being a self-promoting fashion icon rather than professional footballer, one thing is clear, the man never gives up. During […]

Increase the Surface Area of Your Organization – Thoughts from Linkedin’s Talent Connect

Twenty-five years ago, just a couple years into my career, the head of the advocacy organization I worked for said to me “build relationships with your young colleagues. They’ll be running the country one day. These organizers, canvassers, beat reporters will be running companies, in congress, and editing the nation’s leading papers.”At the time it […]

Asking Still Matters: Creating a Culture of Asking and a Giving Revolution

My friend and colleague Andrea Kihlstedt is our first guest thought leader. Andrea is the co founder of the brilliant site Asking Matters and the author of Capital Campaigns, Strategies that Work (Jones & Bartlett) now in its third edition.Andrea’s innovative thinking around using technology to support major/donor fundraising has been an inspiration to me. She has challenged me to see […]